Getting Back On The Horse

So, how do you get back on the horse so to speak? This week hasn't been the most consistent, with family visiting, getting back into a schedule after the holidays, and an illness striking the house for a couple of days, all of those things (or excuses LOL) added up to a couple days of not meeting my word count goals.

Today I got caught up while grandpa took big daughter to a movie and grandma played with little daughter. This gave me a big block of time that I could sit and focus and thankfully I followed through and did write instead of the usual procrastination activities.

If you find yourself behind, do you just give up and let the pattern continue? Do you add a little bit to each day to get caught up eventually? Do you shake off those bad days and just start fresh? Do you do a marathon session to make up the time lost?

In the past, I've either used it as an excuse to throw up my hands and give up for an extended period of time, or start fresh with new goals or deadlines for myself, or do a marathon session. Depended on where I was mentally in my writing habits at the time and also just how far behind I found myself before I got back on the horse.


  1. I was just thinking about this today. I had a few days last week that were total struggles with circumstances beyond my control. It felt like I was wading through fresh cement that was slowly hardening. I was sure that I would never catch up. Even with my new cement shoes, I kept inching my way forward until I finally broke through to regular speed today and got extra stuff done. I think my lesson is to relax and go with it, knowing that it will all even out when things are moving again.

  2. So true Kristen. I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Sometimes you actually need that break which is what I learned. I finally figured out how it is going to end and I have to wonder if I needed that down time with being able to immerse myself into the story to figure it out.

  3. When I feel like keeping with the same procrastinating attitude I try to remember that it's always easier to begin a bad habit than it is to break one. Then I sigh and get back to work. LOL


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