Flus, Colds, and Viruses Oh My!

So, what do you do when those germs and viruses hit your home? Do you take time off from your writing or do you shoulder through the icky feeling to get those words on paper?

Ours started yesterday at one in the morning when little daughter woke up throwing up. Needless to say a very long night for me. Thankfully she was on the mend by morning and seemed pretty well recovered by the late evening. I was able to get a bit of writing done while she slept for several hours during the afternoon and also while sitting with her and watching My Little Pony over and over again. :-)

But today I woke up with a sore throat and upset stomach. Thankfully it hasn't progressed past that, but I'm worried about tomorrow. I got a lot done on my nonfiction project today as it didn't really require a lot of creative thinking, but so far I haven't even attempted to work on my Red Hot Fairy Tale.

Crossing fingers and knocking on wood that tomorrow everyone in the house is back to feeling normal, but I'm also preparing for the fact that it could be the exact opposite.


  1. Oh, I do hope you get feeling better very quickly. And that everyone else stays well. Drink lots of lemon and honey tea. Very helpful. I'm sending my very best thought vibes for good health.

    Word Designer

  2. Thankfully, all better today, but I admit I was worried a little bit there.


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