Keeping on Track

So, how is everyone doing with their writing goals? Are you sticking to each of them or a couple of them?

I'm doing good with my main goal. I missed my writing time yesterday and it bugged me all day. Even though I scheduled missed days into my writing goals (a tip I learned this year) I couldn't stop thinking about it. I got on a couple of times to start it, but had things (life, LOL) pull me away. I feel better as I got my daily word goal today so am back on track.

But I'm having a much harder time with my secondary projects goals. It's not that I'm not working on it. I have, but it's much more sporadic, like once a week, and that is not enough according to my projecting finish date. It bugs me when I think about it. So, I'm thinking I'm going to need to restructure this goal or come up with some sort of incentive to really make me put in my daily page goals with this one.

My nonfiction goals haven't been as steady or hit and miss. I took a couple of days off in a row, but besides that I've stayed steady and got several of my to dos checked off which felt really good as they were the ones I was worrying over.

So far in my journey of figuring out my best schedule I've discovered that writing first thing in the morning works for me with either one of my fiction goals and again late in the evening after DDs are in bed (but not all of it as that keeps me up too late). For the nonfiction, I find I do better if I get a little done here and there during the day as I'm doing some other task, like waiting for dinner to finish cooking, while DDs are doing school work where they don't need my assistance, etc.

So, have you figured out a schedule of sorts that helps you reach those writing goals you set?

Oh, and I'm excited to say I was given my first blogger award today. Thank you to Kristi at Random Acts of Writing for her generous words and spirit. 


  1. Schedules are harder around here since I've had my son. They weren't too easy to begin with, but with this little guy, there's no telling what the day will bring. I try to let go of the guilt if I don't write, but I'm learning to write in small snatches of time and it's actually decent.

  2. Goals? We're s'posed to set goals? Well, yeah, I keep the goals I set. Except, I didn't know I was s'posed to set any. :-)

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  3. Kristi - I hear you, that's why mornings are good for me, they are quiet, eating breakfast, watching some cartoons, and there best quiet play tends to evolve in the mornings. I know you have the school rush in the mornings so that is probably the worst time for you.

    Yaya - Maybe you don't need goals. :-) From the interview you did, sounds like you keep yourself plenty busy without them.


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