Murder, She Wrote

So, who here remembers the classic writer's show Murder, She Wrote starring Ms. Angela Lansbury? The show was on from 1984-1996 and several TV movies followed in 1997-2003. I grew up on Murder, She Wrote (Father Dowling Mysteries followed as a close second in my families favorite TV shows to watch together).

For those that never watched, MSW featured the mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher who solved a murder once a week. The joke became that it probably wasn't good to consider Jessica as a friend, because you would either be murdered or accused of committing a murder and Jessica would rush in to solve the crime. I recently rewatched the final seasons of MSW on Netflix and was quickly sucked into the various cases that Jessica solved. Some of my favorite episodes revolved around her trying to meet a deadline for a book, either to write or revise, and someone getting knocked off and completely interrupting her schedule. :-)

What about you? What's your favorite TV show or movie that features a writer as the protagonist?


  1. I loved that show. I watched it with my great grandma almost every night when it ran regularly. I was young, but that woman fascinated me and the mysteries were a bonus. :0)

    I also liked Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farrel-he plays a writer's MC, and it's hilarious (IMO-others I watched with didn't really 'get it')

  2. I remember a series called The Twilight Zone. In one of those, there was a no-account writer who was failing in every way as a writer. He always kept his TV turned on, even when he was gone, I think.

    His plant began writing and suddenly, the man was launched to fame. I was pretty young when I first saw that, but I think it must have made me feel like, "If a plant can get published, so can I," because many rejections later, I am still submitting.

    'Course, I've also been published. Thank goodness!

    Word Designer

  3. Kristi - I don't think I've seen that movie. I do always love the opening twenty minutes of Romancing the Stone. That was my image of a romance writer growing up. LOL

    Wordy - I think I remember that episode. :-)

  4. Golden Girls was my favorite....I should have had sisters....anyway, even though it wasn't about writers, the show did have some of the best comedy writing on tv at any time. Also, there was a program when one of the "girls" was writing stories and the other one illustrating them. And of course, who could forget the endless stories of Rose and St. Oloff.

  5. One of my favorites was when Blanche decided she could be a romance writer and is talking to the bag of egg yolks. LOL


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