Finding Anthology Calls

Someone asked how I find anthology calls and other submission calls, so I thought I'd share how I found the ones I am planning on submitting to. Basically, the old fashioned way, I looked up each publisher's submission guidelines and found them listed there. I have in the past seen calls listed on various writers blogs, but honestly I didn't save them because at the time I wasn't too interested. Now I am. If you know of any easier ways to find out about submission and anthology calls from legitimate publishers (a concern expressed by one of my blog readers) I would love to know about them.

I do know of one email list, the Creative Writing Opportunities Group, that posts submission calls. I'm not sure if they vet the calls so it is always wise to double check every publisher you consider submitting to if you have not already heard about them.

Here are the ones that I learned of in my recent search of romance publishers (I freely admit that I have just started looking and there are many publishers I haven't checked yet):

Samhain Publishing - Anthology calls for Red Hot Fairy Tales and Steampunk Romance.
The Wild Rose Press - Their Crimson Rose line is calling for "Jewels of the Night" romantic suspense novellas and novels that feature a blue diamond.
Cobblestone Press, LLC - Seasonal submissions of erotica for Octoberfest 2010, Naughty November 2010, 12 Days of Christmas 2010.
Red Rose Publishing - Holiday themed romances and erotica.

Do you know of any anthology or submission calls? Please post them in the comments section.


  1. Erotica? That has a universal appeal except among the Buddist monks. Have you explored Kundalini Yoga?

  2. Yep, erotic romance and erotica seem to be hot, hot, hot in the romance world right now (pun intended).


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